Pantone Living Coral 16-1546 is the color of the year!

Every year PANTONE chooses the color of the year. This year their choice is Living Coral 16-1546.

Living Coral is a warm, joyful and optimistic color between pink and orange, which is supposed to encourage socializing, connection and intimacy.

What can be more beautiful than starting a year with optimism and joy?

We definitely need to bear in mind that PANTONE does this thoughtfully, not with the aim of suggesting what color we should use to paint our walls and what color we should wear. With the chosen color it rather desires to send a message, the point of view or the way to go or to live.

Living Coral is a reaction to the digital world which surrounds us and the social media embedding into our daily life. It is the color of the living coral, which is elegant and precious, yet so fragile. Generally, it is the color of the ocean.

I like the color. It may seem aggressive and dominant to some people, but when combined with other colors it becomes quite interesting. Of course, I do not recommend you to paint the whole interior in that color. An accent piece of furniture or a part of accent wall here and there will do.

For that reason, I suggest you see for yourself what colors Living Coral matches best.

I was inspired by Pinterest and now I’d like to know how you like the suggested color combinations and whether you are ready to welcome Living Coral into your home!

1. The combination of similar hues if you want to create a more peaceful atmosphere

I suggest you play with similar hues, but make sure you balance the colors.

2. The combination of Living Coral, blue and green if you want to create a deeper and more elegant atmosphere

This combination of dark blue and Living Coral is definitely my choice.

Is this color appropriate for all rooms? I dare to say it is. Of course, it all depends on you.

Living Coral is gentler and softer than intensive coral, so it will be easier to blend into your interior. This is not pink, but the color of a living coral with a hue of pink. 🙂

However, I recommend you not to overuse this color. If you are not absolutely sure, you’d better opt for some details. Decorative pillows, bed linen and decorative fabrics in Living Coral are perfect details for filling your home with energy and warmth.

Still, my favorite combination applies to a bathroom.

I believe the best combinations of Living Coral in interiors are yet to come. I am looking forward to them! Until then, let me share some interesting thoughts with you…

  • Corals are not plants, but animals. They are carnivore! J
  • We must have more responsibility to oceans and the nature!
  • Beauty needs to be preserved, because it is not unchangeable!
  • We need to remain optimistic and keep trying!
imm cologne 2019

imm cologne 2019

imm cologne 2019
imm cologne 2019

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