String forever!

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Back in the year 1949, the leading Swedish publishing house Bonniers launched a design tender. They were looking for the best proposal for a bookshelf design. They wanted to sell as many books as they could and, in order for the books to be bought, buyers needed to have somewhere to put them. That was their view, at least. The solution had to be affordable for the customer, easy to deliver, simple to assemble and easy to set up.

The first prize was won by the spouses Nils and Kasja Strinning. The simple, flexible and minimalistic shelves became an instant success and a designer hit.

Today, it is no longer just a shelf for books. The basic shelf model has been further developed by the authors so that it can be adapted to meet the needs of any room in the apartment..

Genius and truly timeless!

A few years ago, I found String shelves in my garage. They weren’t exactly in perfect shape. Since then, I painted and restored them. I got hooks and shelves. Now it’s time to set them up. I’m still not sure if the shelves would be a better fit for my kitchen or for my room. I enjoy thinking about it. That’s always the nicest part.

What do you think about these shelves and which room do you consider the most ideal for this designer classic?

This is not a sponsored text. This is love! For good design and all beautiful things!

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