How to decorate with Blue

Why have I decided to create this post about the color blue, and why have I decided to create a post about one color each month, to explore it and try to inspire with various combinations and solutions? Because my son wants a blue room and because my good friend is decorating his apartment and he wants blue as the main theme of the space. Because I also happen to be an architect. It is a fact that we all work a lot, live quickly and have little time to explore, imagine and be inspired. I will share with you my thoughts and the combinations which inspire me. If you are decorating or you want a change, I hope this post will be of use to you.

So, enough chit-chat and let’s get to work!

Blue is the color of the sky or sea. Alongside red and yellow, it is one of the three primary colors. Interestingly, it is equally engaging for both women and men. If we look at research, it is the favorite color of the majority of people. Why is this color so fascinating? One of the reasons is that it, in different shades, effects completely different feelings.

Dark blue: trust, pride, intelligence, authority

Light blue: purity, strength, reliability, serenity

Pastel blue: peace, serenity, spirituality, eternity

Are you a blue person? We love it and use it fondly, but what does the color actually say about us?

It is said about blue people that they are not overly emotional (or they do not like to show their emotions) and that they are reserved. They like patience, order and they avoid conflict. You like to positively affect others in order for them to live a more interesting and fulfilling life? You seek harmony in love, you’re a romantic and you believe in true love which lasts forever! You have a vivid imagination and you have difficulty adapting to the system, you are more comfortable with encouragement than competition. Sounds familiar? If so, you are a blue person! Or you just like the color blue.

”The World is Blue” Yves Klein

What does blue mean in our interior?

The bedroom – since it has a relaxing effect, blue is ideal for bedrooms. Blue is a color which evokes peace. The color of a calm sea and a clear sky is blue, which helps to elicit inner brightness, calmness and clarity. The color blue can also slow down the heartbeat and breathing, making it the perfect color to choose for meditation and relaxation areas.

1.2.italianbark 3.yelowreises 4.boligmagasinet

With blue in your bathroom, you will undoubtedly be in a good mood in the morning! It’s great to combine it with tints of blue and green. It’s the color of the sky and the sea, afterall.

1.estliving 2.esenzialehome 3.estliving 4.luvne

In the workplace, it has been proved that different shades of blue can improve concentration, stimulate reasoning and provide clarity of mind. It has been proved that it improves productivity, which makes it an excellent color for your environment when you study or work. For me, blue also has a strange way of simultaneously relaxing and stimulating.

1.housebeautifulmagazine 2.livingetc 3.Studio McGee

Since the color blue is in nature all around us, I must notice that it barely present, if not entirely absent, in food. I avoid blue food, it doesn’t seem appetizing to me, but I’m certainly not against the blue color in the kitchen. Blue kitchen units, but also blue ceramic tiles, can look great in a kitchen. I favor a darker shade, such as cobalt or enzian. They say it represses appetite so, if you believe that, I suggest you immediately supply yourself with a bunch of blue plates.

1.housebeautifulmagazine 2.frenchbydesigne 3.luxuriesdecideas 4.homedecor

The living room is a place of relaxation, but you should still not overdo it. One blue wall, a comfy armchair or sofa in front of it, and you have yourself a relaxing little oasis. We need to make sure that the room gets enough natural light.

1.localhome 2.pinterest 3.italianbark 4.pinterest

Blue is timeless and always trendy. In some combinations it is simply irresistible. Blue goes well with almost any color, it all depends on the effect you want. Now you must be thinking: blue – yes! But which shade of blue? This is where things can easily go downhill.

Here are a few suggestions and combinations which are sure to help you!


Blue is always a good choice, simply because it never goes out of fashion. You can’t go wrong with blue (unless you paint your room blue from floor to ceiling!).

So, if you are in love with the color blue and you can’t do without it, maybe it’s time to start painting your walls in tones of blue.

I hope that you are now inspired and that you liked this post about the color blue. If you did, leave a like or comment! Or both! Thnx


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