Home Decoration: still looking for your lifestyle?

Me too. I hope I’ll never find it! 🙂
Are you more of a traditional type, modern or something in between?
You’re still not sure if you prefer the saying “Less is more” or “The more, the better”?

Then this article is for you!

Are you one of those people who, when they see a very well designed interior, immediately think: “This is it, this is how I want to live too.”? Sometimes, it’s about a whole apartment, or just one detail, a friend’s house, a hotel or a cozy-looking boutique or bar.
You must have watched at least one film and thought: “This apartment is decorated just the way I like it”. If so, you should think about what moved you, specifically. The details, little things, colors, everything matters!

E.Cullen ‘residence’ in the film Twilight
The apartment from the film Green Card (but without G.Depardieu) 😉

I watch, I remember and whatever I like, I do with a clear conscience!

Experimenting is definitely not a sin! You’re afraid of wild wallpapers? Plastic or brass? Strong colors would not work in your apartment?

You try to be consistent. But inconsistency and variety can bring space to life in a splendid fashion. It has now been checked and verified, a wooden table and plastic chairs can look much more interesting than a table with wooden chairs.

Still unsure? Start with the bathroom. If you have a guest bathroom, then that would be the best choice! Small space – little harm done if things go really wrong. 🙂

Whether you’ll use floral wallpaper or just black walls, that’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself. In any case, it’s not a life and death decision!

And now for the best part. Presentation! Whatever inspires me or makes me happy, I display or highlight it. Come on, I’m sure you also have some porcelain doll somewhere collecting dust, or a poster or world map.

Your souvenir collection should be displayed proudly!

This kind of experimenting is best done on closets without any significant historical value. I suggest that, for now, you give grandma’s Bidermeier or Alt Deutsch a pass!

If you’re lucky and you simply have too many of these things, then focus only on few of them, or only on one. For example, I recommend the porcelain doll 😉

Combine old and new pieces of furniture and don’t be ashamed of the pieces you’ve grown emotionally attached to or the ones which have been in your family for years and now it’s ‘outmoded’.

Nothing accentuates our personality better than items we are attached to or which, in some way, tell some interesting story about us.

Patience, it’s definitely true that proper interior design takes time. I’m not the type to buy only when there’s a need or only for the sake of buying. It doesn’t matter if there are wires and lampholders sticking out of the walls and I don’t mind sleeping on bed slats and a mattress, at least for a while.

Buy only when you are truly content. Buy at fairs and flea markets. The ideal piece of furniture is not just pretty and functional – it reminds you of some happy moments or a dear person. Then it becomes timeless and never loses its value.

Furnishing your apartment is not the end of interior decoration. Your home will always change as you change. To really settle in, that takes time!

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