The color white – the only color we trust!

What’s the white color’s secret which makes it ever fashionable? It seems like everything about it is known and that there is not much more to say about it. The rule is that you can’t go wrong with white. And, actually, I agree.

Is white my first choice? Not really. Do I very often come back to white? Yes.

What do we actually know about the color white?

White is a color, but not a ‘real’ color – it’s achromatic. Except white, black and all tones of gray are also achromatic. White is created by mixing red, green and blue colors. All other colors are chromatic.

White gives a sense of calmness and clarity. Also, white symbolizes perfection, and in psychology it symbolizes new beginnings. It is linked with happiness, weddings, innocence and purity. Since it was difficult to create white pigment, white interiors were a revolutionary thing only a hundred years ago.

Did you know that, in their language, Eskimos have 40 different names for 40 different types of snow and nearly as many names for different tints and intensities of white?

Basic tints of white! – for us non-Eskimos 😉

If we add to white just a ‘bit’ of – blue, green, yellow, brown, gray, or even pink – it can appear entirely different, and still ‘look’ like white. White color can have a very varied effect in the interior depending on its tint. There are many tints of white, such as pure white, cream white, antique white, ivory, papyrus white and so on.

The soft cream white always looks pleasant and warm – which makes it very convenient for decoration in a country house or shabby chic style. In spaces with less natural light, a white with more of a brownish tint should be used.

You have to be a little more careful with colder tints of white. A space like that can become unpleasant and uninviting, so it is necessary to fill it in with warmer tints of white or to recoup the warmth with various textile, light or leather furniture, wood and other natural materials.

In the kitchen, the color white has become an inescapable classic. Whether it’s the classic, modern or trendy variation. White is sure to meet all requirements.

A classic white kitchen likes warm tints of white, modern kitchens like neutral or cold tints combined with gray, black or warm tones of wood, while trendy white serves more as a base for trendy details to pop out. Everything is trendy except the white kitchen itself.

Any white kitchen will stand the test of time, that’s for sure!

Since this blog exists to offer concrete solutions, here is a basic division of the white color which should be useful:

It is said that “color is in the eye of the beholder”! And that the effect of any color, white included, is absolutely subjective! That’s why, when choosing a white color, you should ask to see the tint-card or, better yet, to see ready samples on the material you want to color. You can thank me for this tip later. 🙂

Regardless of everything else, for an entirely white room to look amazing, you need to:

  • Use flaky texture;
  • Pay attention to the lighting;
  • Forget about red wine;
  • If possible, deny access to children and pets 🙂
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As a great color aficionado, I will admit: white interiors are unique, timeless and incredibly charming! It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about minimalism or maximalism!

But be sure not to skip the process of exploring other possibilities. Maybe it will lead you to some interesting combinations, and maybe it will bring you back to white, just like me!

”We belive the real beauty of white ist that whoever we are, whatever our style, wherever we are fron, there’s plae in everyone’s life and Home for white.”  –Chrissie Rucker

I hope this was inspiring, interesting and enlightening. I hope that everything you read will be useful the next time you find yourself ‘in a pickle’ regarding the one and only color white!

Until the next post, take care!

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