Small bathrooms and a few tricks to make them look bigger!

One thing’s for sure, the bathroom requires more planning than any other area in the house or apartment. Its size, which it is usually small, and the often fixed positions of the plumbing usually make the perfect solution – the only possible solution.

The bathroom is a space through which an army of workers needs to pass; from plumbers to tile layers, to carpenters and painters, and every mistake made while planning writes a huge check which will be cashed later.

YES, you should definitely consult an expert if you are planning to decorate your bathroom! And don’t skimp on the waterproofing, electrics and plumbing.

You’re still in charge of the appearance, style, colors and feel.

You have a small bathroom and you think that nothing can be done!?

I’ll give a couple of pieces of advice on how to turn a ‘small bathroom’ into a big one. By the way, the bathroom isn’t small – you just have too much stuff!

Regardless of the size, the lighter and tidier the bathroom is, the roomier and bigger it appears. When I say tidier, I mean moderation in the number of visible little jars and bottles – the ones that you ‘just can’t do without’. All your stuff should definitely be hidden within cabinets and drawers. If vanity doesn’t allow you to hide everything, then lay out the things you are most proud of and which say something about you. A toothbrush is definitely not one such thing!

The mirror should be large and the colors should be few. Limit yourself to two colors at most.

No need for complexities. For the bathroom, less is definitely more!

Lots of joints reduce space. If you want to create an effect of spaciousness, you need to go for larger tiles, which is by no means a problem today. You can forget about that rule that ‘small spaces need small tiles’! A mosaic can certainly work – on a wall, it gives the illusion of a single surface.

In smaller bathrooms, you should avoid furniture which sits on the floor. The wash basin, no matter what kind, should be placed only on a panel attached to the wall, or on a cabinet raised from the floor.

A shower or a tub? If, due to a lack of space, you’re forced to go with a shower enclosure, make sure to install one which is levelled with the floor. Feel free to have it in a darker color, and even better if it’s ceramic like the rest of the floor! Get rid of the curtain, no matter how cool it is, because it blocks the view and get a glass screen.


Lighting is ideal if it’s natural. But if you don’t have a window, don’t sweat it. Even in bathrooms with windows, sooner or later it gets dark!

is ideal if it’s natural. But if you don’t have a window, don’t sweat it. Even in bathrooms with windows, sooner or later it gets dark!

For the mood, definitely go for a ceiling light, and, if the bathroom’s high enough, certainly consider a chandelier. For ‘precision’ work and tasks, it is necessary to secure lighting around or above the mirror, because ceiling light will cast a shadow. And indirect lighting wherever possible is the best thing since sliced bread. It’s a great way to set a relaxing mood.

Or maybe the problem is not the size of the bathroom, it’s that…

You have a small budget? Play with the details!

Mirrors are the ornaments of the bathroom. One for sure, but more won’t hurt either. If you have enough space, go for it!

Faucets, at least at first, should all be from the same series. Although I don’t believe it’s a sin to have different faucets!

Ceramics, if possible, only where there’s water. It’s not necessary to coat your bathroom in tiles. Let the walls tell their own story. Latex paints will do the job. Besides, those are much easier to change. Wood, certainly, but it has to be well impregnated.

Thebathtub is the queen of the bathroom! Be sure to highlight it in whichever way possible.

Greenery is a living detail with which you can’t go wrong, and it thrives in humid spaces. Unfortunately, it needs natural light, although there are some plants which can survive without natural light. I certainly suggest you try it.

Don’t go overboard! With the bathroom, you don’t need to be overly meticulous. A small armchair, a picture, a sconce or a carpet will be enough to ensure a good atmosphere. Definitely nothing too valuable due to the humidity of that space!


The bathroom is the place where we all start and end our day! It’s not just a place to relax, but also a place in which we take care of ourselves and where we focus on ourselves. Don’t overlook it!

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