Glass Vitrines

I’m not a huge fan of vitrines. 😦 Only the finest examples of ‘something’ are displayed in vitrines, usually so they can be more prominently and more easily admired. 🙂
Fingerprints on glass and layers of dust settled on crystal are my earliest childhood memories connected specifically to vitrines.


A recently discovered dusty cardboard box, and another smaller one, and another even smaller one (depending on how small we define a box can be) on the top shelf in my pantry made me question my opinion about vitrines in general and pose the question about the possible need for one such vitrine.

 I’m sure that, in every household, there’s at least one dusty box hiding all kinds of tableware, decorative crystals, or some other valuable items. They lie there, forgotten for years. Patiently waiting for the one to whom they are destined.

To let dust continue accumulating or to proudly display your ‘charming collection’? To give away or sell is just not right. These are family heirlooms we’re talking about!

I decided to open my box and to proudly show the hidden tableware, and also to use it (sorry mom!). It doesn’t matter if it gets broken or damaged. I won’t throw away the empty box. You never know. 🙂


Tableware is meant to be used for eating, only then to be proudly displayed.

Shared moments at the table should be enjoyed and interesting family stories should be passed on to children as they are being prepared for all the ‘cardboard boxes’ which life has in store for them. J

A vitrine truly is an ideal solution for items of value, sentimental or otherwise. Besides, behind glass, even ordinary everyday objects can look sensational! I’m on the right track to becoming a huge fan!


How to decorate your vitrine like a pro

  • “create focal points which draw the eye” Regardless of what you want to display in the vitrine, whether it’s a valuable work of art or your favourite china; you should be careful when choosing your exhibits. Inside the glass, nothing should be placed ‘accidentally’, every little detail tells its own story and you have to be careful not to make it chaotic. Only the chosen ‘players’ get to go into the vitrine, the rest of your trinkets you should hide away behind solid doors or inside drawers.
  • Create a balance and make sure you leave enough room! so that that the exhibit has a chance to shine. Don’t showcase a lot of things at once.
  • The vitrine should be isolated! If it’s stuck in between your closet and your shelves, it’s not very likely that it or its contents will get noticed!
  • The vitrine itself should always be in the background, the exhibits should be in the foreground – that will make it look even more valuable! 🙂

Since the tableware is antique, I’ll avoid antique vitrines. I don’t want it all to have too solemn of an appearance. My vitrine has to be modern, wooden and with simple lines.

I hope I’ll be able to share with you how it all looks like soon. And until then… bon appetit! 🙂

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