Next stop – the outdoors!

I mean, if not now, then when will it be the ideal moment to spend as much time as you can in open space and in nature. Terraces, balconies, gardens must already be all set with furniture and all those little things we could do without, but don’t want to!

Or? If they aren’t , you need to do some quick improvisation and go outdoors!

The important thing is that, on the market, there is really something for everyone, so not being outdoors has really become something inexcusable.

I’ll give a rough categorization by affinity regarding the kind of furniture that would suit you based on your personality. This breakdown may help you in the final stages of your preparation, it may inspire you, or it may simply amuse you and remind you that the season of enjoying yourself outdoors has begun!

You’re not too picky and you like – laid back and natural

One look at a tree is enough for you to relax and enjoy the open space. Above all else, you like nature. You don’t need much, but what you want is natural and in harmony with your surroundings. Natural rattan, bamboo, reeds, osier, recycled and old; anything goes.

To clarify, rattan is a climbing palm which grows in the tropical areas of Africa, Australia and Asia and is used, due to its favorable characteristics, in the production of furniture, decoration, but also as a building material. Rattan is most often used to make wicker garden furniture and open space furniture such as chairs, tables and various deckchairs. Apart from natural rattan, there’s also synthetic rattan. It’s much more durable, but also more ‘plastic’ and you can quickly feel the difference in materials when you touch it.

I like natural rattan and I enjoy 20-year-old but still functional armchairs which are comfortable to sit in, but bamboo grows about 10 times faster than most hardwood, making bamboo furniture an excellent choice for furniture if we take sustainability into consideration and want to contribute to the preservation of forests.

Why not combine a few old benches instead of spending your time browsing shops and looking for the perfect garden furniture?


Colorful and cheerful – above all else, have fun!

Casual, relaxed and cheerful. Colors will ensure a relaxing atmosphere. In these kinds of combinations, anything goes (even going back to the past), and fun is guaranteed.

After all, the garden shouldn’t be a place for stress, but for rest and happiness.

Elegant and chic

Choosing between hard wooden chairs and the “comfy” ones – relatively sturdier with a “camping look” – is fortunately a thing of the past. 😉

Today, our choice of furniture and outdoor equipment is excellent. Furniture “for the outside” is almost no different from the furniture we buy when furnishing our apartment! This kind of furniture provides a living-room type of comfort. It is resistant to every type of weather, even rain. Form and quality come first.

It is a sin to place this furniture into the shed or basement during the winter.  After all, these pieces of furniture have reserved spots in the garden and terrace and, mostly, they are used throughout the year.

Practical and mobile – minimum weight and maximum comfort

These solutions for staying outdoors are ideal for the impulsive and for those who like to travel without much preparation, and who don’t consider a small trunk a problem. The ideal furniture: foldable, mobile and lightweight.

The golden rule here is: nothing needs to be perfect – improvisation is part of the outdoors lifestyle. Everything is allowed – a plank table, stumps for chairs, also a picnic blanket.

A fabric filling, a frame made of thin wood, aluminium or steel tubing makes for an ideal choice because it makes the furniture light, but comfortable enough for you to enjoy yourself.

This kind of equipment is easily maintained, easily packed and takes up little space. It can quickly be moved from one point to another. You won’t have a problem finding shade or catching a breath of wind!

Regardless of which solution you liked most, you should always be ready to find an extra space! That’s what’s most important

Because there’s nothing nicer than hanging out and having a pleasant chat under the open sky with friends you care about! 🙂

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