Home office

How many of you do your job from home? Because, I do my job from my home and I consider that a great luxury, certainly not a disadvantage.

Of course, a home office is much more than a desk and a chair. It should primarily be a functional space which has to meet all your needs. It must be well organized and provide you with all the technical support you need. But also, it needs to be a space in which you feel inspired and comfortable!

The best option is when you have an extra room at your disposal. People who have one can consider themselves the lucky ones! 🙂 To do your work and then calmly close the door is a real privilege! You can freely live the mess (or order) behind you, your desk doesn’t always have to be impeccable, you can listen to any music you like, and the ambience you want can be strictly business-like or it can be more laid-back. The possibilities are endless.

To be productive in your home office, it is not a precondition for it to be separated from the rest of the space; it needs to be well organized and multifunctional. If you manage to make it quick and easy to adapt to various needs, then you’ve hit the jackpot, and that’s not so simple.

So, first you need to think about how you and your office will function:

  • How many workstations do you need and how big do these spaces need to be?
  • How much time do you spend on work?
  • Will you be hosting clients?
  • Other needs, such as videoconferencing, etc.

Then, how will you approach the design:

  • The table – Big, small, L-shaped or U-shaped, it really doesn’t matter as long as it meets all your needs. For example, I have a need for two big desks. One for the computer and monitor, the other for sketches, samples, various papers and magazines.

I dream of a smaller vintage table. When I find it, it will be easy to think of a use for it 😉 (but not so easy to think of a place where I can put it)

  • The chair – It can look good, but be unsuitable for extended periods of sitting, or it can be comfortable (healthy) but hm… ugly! The decision is yours. In any case, you should only be uncomfortable if we’re talking about a ‘genius timeless designer classic’; in any other case, I’d recommend that you choose the healthy option, your back and neck will thank you!
  • Drawers, shelves and storage closets – Display your interesting trinkets (be careful – some of them might be interesting only to you!); chuck everything else into the closets! It’s a thin line between creative clutter and chaos!
  • Lighting – A desk lamp is mandatory, but it’s very important to have indirect and direct light, so don’t ignore that. Emphasize one, keep the rest subtle!
  • Other – but no less(!) important – details – Depending on how much time you spend working, you should definitely think about a stress free zone. Regardless of whether it’s a comfy armchair, plants, paintings or a photo gallery. As long as it’s relaxing, motivating, gives you confidence and makes you happy! Work from home(!) and rest when you feel you need to. And you don’t have to be a designer to have a Moodboard! Reserve a section of your wall for those pictures, patterns and details which inspire you or help you while you work because that’s what drives you forward!
  • Style and colors – Do you want a ‘strictly business’ feel or, perhaps, a more laid-back feel is up to you and just you, and that’s fine if you’re separated from the rest of your living space. If you’re cramped into the space you’re living in, try to adapt as much as possible to the existing furniture. Definetly use colors, especially if you have a brand or logo. But, I would suggest going for something subtle.

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