My home office

My home office is actually pretty simple. But it’s exactly the way it needs to be to make me happy! A white table – seldom neat and empty, a desk lamp and an office chair. On the wall, there are a few little things which I find inspiring. A shelf and one armchair! Anything which isn’t connected to work has no place here. That way, I have more privacy, but I also let my household know that everything which happens here is important, as well as strictly professional!

The biggest problem when working from home is not about how to perfectly organize and design your space, it’s about how to resist various distractions of your household and of everyday life! And that’s a routine which you have to learn and, with time, master.

Since that’s never very easy, there are some rules which need to be followed:

  • Make sure to look smart (dress up, comb your hair, put on makeup – I’m not saying I work all day in my pyjamas, but…)
  • Don’t do house work within business hours (this goes without saying, but sometimes it happens! And that’s ok!)
  • Throw in some exercising every day (within business hours, it clears the mind and soul)
  • Make a daily schedule and tasks which need to be achieved
    To have your own office – it’s a blessing, but also a curse!
  • Walk, play with, and pet your dog! J OBLIGATORY
  • You need to know when to stop and enjoy the other joys life offers 🙂

Now let’s get real and honest, a home office isn’t very different from a corporate office. The way it really looks differs vastly from what we see in various portals.

Of course, we should feel nice in it, and it should be tidy. Our home offices, besides being decorated exactly the way we want them, can also sometimes be messy and nobody will complain!

After all, this is the space where all our magic happens; so, when it happens, everything else is in the backdrop!

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