Cersaie 2019 and how our bathrooms will look like in 2020

CERSAIE is an International exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings which takes place annually in late September in Bologna.

The Cersai fair, as well as other fairs, is an ideal even because, in one place, you can:

  • See the newest collections and items which are to mark the following year
  • Get familiar with new brands
  • Of course… to get inspired!
  • If you haven’t had time to hang out with your colleagues during the year, this is an ideal opportunity to make up for lost t ime! J

What was displayed at the exhibition and how should our bathrooms look like in 2020 (filtered – of course – by my own taste)? Find out in the short report which follows:


Relief (3d) ceramics, hidden joints and dramatic effects. Highly pronounced 3d ceramics is, ultimately, best left for bigger spaces, lobbies, hotels and commercial buildings.


That’s why more subtle 3d is ideal for all bathrooms and kitchens. Of course, here I would also recommend for you to play around with the 3d pattern only on one or two walls, on the rest of the surface, try to combine smooth tiles or play around with colors.



The floral pattern had already been displayed at Cersaie 2018. The floral trend of ceramic tiles continues, and strong colors are just as popular as pastels. A larger format of tile is certainly dominant.

It is an ideal solution for walls which are in direct contact with water, such as bathtubs or showers, and I think that is enough, especially for smaller spaces, because one wall or part of a wall is all that’s needed in this pattern.

Still, keep in mind that it is difficult and expensive to change ceramic tiles if you get bored by them or you’re not happy with them. With a strong and dominant pattern such as this one, you always need to watch out. It is an ideal solution for hotels, commercial buildings, schools and kindergartens. We’ll see what 2020 has to say.


Joints are becoming increasingly important. Joints come in all shapes, sizes and colors except gray! 🙂

The effect is great, the possibilities countless. It is definitely best on easily maintained walls, because joints are very difficult to maintain. For example, if you put them above your kitchen counter, you’ll make your life more difficult! So, I suggest caution.


The terrazzo trend lives on. Both in large and in small formats.

What I find great is that, now, it is possible to have the terrazzo pattern on your walls, not just your floors!


I think this almost everything has already been said about this type of tile, except that, now, you can get it in dimensions greater than 3 m (in one piece, I mean!). For everything else – now you can get anything you imagine!

The marble pattern is a ‘classic’, elegant and timeless. The technology is there, and it’s increasingly difficult to notice any difference between real stone/marble and ceramics.

If your budget is limited and you’re in love with marble, there is a solution!

As you’ve seen, ceramics has become an ‘ultra’ versatile material and it has been long since it was limited just to the kitchen and bathroom. Advanced technology made it possible for almost anything to be done with ceramics, and by that I mean the final appearance (wood, stone, terrazzo), size (single pieces that are 3.0 m large), finish (3d, glossy, matte).

The possibilities are endless when talking about ceramic coverings and interior design. And that’s a great thing!

I hope this was interesting for you, and that I’ve managed to convey at least a part of what was happening and what was on display at Cersaie – Bologna 2019.

Stay tuned for the report from the MARMO+MAC stone exhibition which also took place last week in Italy, this one in Verona.

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