One phone call…

… and one unplanned post. It happened by chance after a phone call with a dear old friend. An unplanned call at the right time. Although, “any” time is – the “right” time!

It is the holiday season, a time for gathering, socializing, expecting and warmth. It doesn’t matter if we’re always present, it’s only important that we’re there for each other when needed.

We’re only a few days away from December, and if you still don’t have a Christmas wreath ready for your door, here are a couple of awesome ones which will leave you inspired and bedazzled. I know I was!

These wreathes are original, bold and brave! And that’s what counts!

Various baubles, ornaments, bows and ribbons of different colors, cypresses, a Christmas tree… It all sounds simple, and yet… If you still haven’t found a door wreath which captivated you, you still have a bit of time to choose ‘just the right one’!

Maybe these few bits of advice will help:

  • Don’t go overboard, it’s boring to keep repeating that ‘less is more’, but it really is! Even when during the holidays. It just may be a bit easier to get away with it!
  • Decide on 3 colors at the most, and if you choose more – that’s actually fine, it’s just that the chances of something going amiss become a bit higher. (better to avoid that!)
  • Still, be daring. You can’t go wrong with red, green and white. And the combination can be dramatic and exciting even in black!

A Christmas wreath on your door is a symbol of life, immortality, strength, hope, joy and love. My door will be decorated by one of these wreaths. This year, quite unexpectedly, I will not make my own.

This post wasn’t planned. Nor was this wreath on my door. But posts like these somehow seem to be the sweetest.

Have you already found a wreath for your door (or made your phone call)? Because, if not ‘always’, then NOW is definitely the right time to go for it!

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