Choosing the right color – is the hardest part of the job!

He wants a new bathroom. The current one’s started leaking, and fixing it means not only to „just replace the gaskets“, but also to perform major construction work. And if that’s the way it’s going to be, he wants a change.

The structure of the bathroom is more or less clear. The shower goes over here, the existing sinks over there, the toilet to the right at the far end. The layout has been resolved.

The aesthetics and the color of the bathroom – big problem.

His wishes? Well, for it to be pretty. He prefers warm and earthy colors. But that’s as far as we’ve come. He’s not in the mood and he doesn’t have time to become inspired on his own. Everything seems nice to him. He has no favorites.

In which direction to go?

Or, better yet, in which way to think in order for us to ultimately end up satisfied with the design of our bathroom?

To have a bathroom with color is not at all a new concept. The bathrooms of the 50s and 70s screamed (or cried) in curry red and kiwi green. J

Then, bathrooms became ‘neutral’. White, each tone of gray, then white again. Everybody knows that this is playing it safe. Still, white will always be a classic, and gray has become the new white. It’s a fact that bathrooms like that are often cold or “soulless”.

Still, statistically speaking, over 40% of people still decide on white or gray for their bathrooms. Maybe if there was a cheaper and simpler way to change the tiles, people would think differently.

Nevertheless, why is it that the white color never becomes boring? Why are we afraid that, with time, we’ll find blue or green boring? After all, the sky is blue, the sea is blue and I doubt anyone finds those boring. A tree is green and we enjoy it year after year.

We grow tired of things we know we can change. So, it’s not about the color, it’s about us. J

Trends never stay still, they always come back ‘slightly altered’ and round and round they go in that fashion. Due to that, bringing color into your bathroom is ‘in’ again. Not because we’ve suddenly become braver, but because we simply want to be different. We have a need to stand out and show our own style.

We don’t care only about what we wear, we care about how we live and we want to proudly shot that.

Disregard everything being said about colors. Colors are subjective. Find your color, and then use it in a way which will allow you to live with it happily.

Deciding to go with white is still a decision – but then you’ll simply be living surrounded by white.

best home decor

And now to inspire you with colors and combinations!

Pratite Bug in my Home, vrlo brzo pišemo o tome – zašto DA! ”baš ta boja” (jer nema NE kada su boje u pitanju, samo kako ju najbolje iskombinirati ! 🙂

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